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Audio Books > Crime Novels > Mysteries > Hand for a Hand: DI Gilchrist, Book 2 (Unabridged)

Hand for a Hand: DI Gilchrist, Book 2 Audiobook (Unabridged)

Hand for a Hand: DI Gilchrist, Book 2 (Unabridged)

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Author: T. F. Muir
Audio Length: 10 hour 15 min
Release Date: 1/21/2013
Narrator: David Monteath
Format: Unabridged

Audio Book Summary

When DCI Andy Gilchrist is called to a crime scene to find an amputated hand clutching a note addressed to him, he is pulled into an investigation that will test him to the limit. Soon other single word clues are found along with amputated body parts and the murderer's vengeful message becomes clear as the identity of the next intended victim is revealed. But when someone close to him disappears, Gilchrist knows he is too late. Together with Nance Wilson, the sexy DC with her own agenda, Gilchrist comes to see the answer to the present murders lies within the secrets of his past.

Forced to confront his demons, Gilchrist must solve the cryptic clues and find the murderer before the next victim, a woman whose life means more to Gilchrist than his own, is served up to him piece by slaughtered piece. Frank Muir was born in Glasgow and has been plagued from a young age with the urge to see the rest of the world Twenty-five years of working overseas helped him appreciate the raw beauty of his home country. Frank is now a dual US/UK citizen, living in Lenzie and working in the US.

His first novel Eye for an Eye was chosen by Louise Welsh as the winner of the Pitlochry Award for the best crime story by an unpublished author in 2004.

About the Author: T. F. Muir

T. F. Muir has been inspiring readers on DigitalAudiobooks.co.uk since 2013, when their audiobook Eye For An Eye: DI Gilchrist , Book 1 was first made available. Best known for their Crime Novels writing, but also popular in Crime Novels, T. F. Muir's most sought after titles on our site include Life for a Life: DI Gilchrist, Book 4, Eye For An Eye: DI Gilchrist , Book 1 and Hand for a Hand: DI Gilchrist, Book 2 -- with Life for a Life: DI Gilchrist, Book 4 currently nestled at the top. Their latest work, The Meating Room, is available for download in Unabridged format. T. F. Muir's author page contains a collection of 5 audiobooks, narrated by the likes of David Monteath, and running a total of 48 hours. To view their entire catalogue or listen to samples, please visit our T. F. Muir audiobooks page.

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