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Fry's English Delight: Series 4 Audiobook

Frys English Delight: Series 4

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Author: Stephen Fry
Audio Length: 1 hour 51 min
Release Date: 8/30/2011
Narrator: Stephen Fry
Format: Original Staging

Audio Book Summary

Stephen Fry explores the highways and byways of the English language in these four programmes, as heard on BBC Radio 4. 'The Mouth : Why is the human food processor and word processor in the same unit? Stephen Fry takes you inside `this hole we call cake - the most important part of speech. `Brevity : A celebration of the miniature in English. Tim Vine on the one liner, Kelvin MacKenzie on the beauty of headlines, the lost art of telegram writing and an English haiku. Good things come in small packages. `Persuasion : Lawyers, advertisers, salespeople and market traders reflect on the way language can be used to change people's minds and behaviour. Is persuasive language capable of seduction? Peter Stringfellow has the answer. `Class : Are we still `bovvered by the issue of class in the way we use language? Ian Macmillan takes a Yorkshire view of class and speech, and there's a word he still can't say.

About the Author: Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry is the author of the widely popular audiobook, The Fry Chronicles: An Autobiography, narrated by the great Stephen Fry in Unabridged format. A household name in the Film & Telly genre, Fry's popular favorites include Fry's English Delight - HMS Metaphor, Fry's English Delight: Series 7 and The Fry Chronicles: An Autobiography, narrated by the likes of Stephen Fry. Born on August 24, 1957 in London, England, The United Kingdom, , Fry's unique voice has been entertaining frequenters on DigitalAudiobooks.co.uk since 2009, when his audiobook Fry's English Delight - HMS Metaphor had first hit our virtual shelves -- and virtually began flying off! His entire collection has since grown to feature 76 hours of audio -- including the latest addition, Fry's English Delight: Series 7, given a special treatment by narrator Stephen Fry. To browse our entire catalogue of 34 audiobooks by Stephen Fry or to listen to samples, visit his author page and start downloading today!

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