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Audio Books > Fiction > Short Stories & Anthologies > Fry's English Delight - Current Puns (Unabridged)

Fry's English Delight - Current Puns Audiobook (Unabridged)

Frys English Delight - Current Puns (Unabridged)

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Download Price:     £2.49
Listener Rating: 4.18 out of 54.18 out of 54.18 out of 54.18 out of 54.18 out of 5
Author: Stephen Fry
Audio Length: 25 min
Release Date: 5/22/2009
Narrator: Stephen Fry
Format: Unabridged

Audio Book Summary

Stephen Fry hosts this programme on the joys of the English language - as heard on BBC Radio 4. Why does our language groan with the weight of puns? What exactly is a pun? And who, or what, is the Thief of Bad Gags?

About the Author: Stephen Fry

Not many names in the Film & Telly circle enjoy the same notoriety or respect as that of Stephen Fry. Born on August 24, 1957 in London, England, The United Kingdom , Fry’s classics, such as The Fry Chronicles: An Autobiography, Moab Is My Washpot and The Liar, have truly carved their place in the Film & Telly, Fiction and Comedy & Humor Hall of Fame. And if you thought you liked them off the page -- just wait until you've heard each thrilling word reverberating with the masterful voices of narrators like Stephen Fry! Fry's oldest audiobook in our collection, Fry's English Delight - HMS Metaphor, was released in 2009. Today, his catalogue comprises a total of 34 audiobooks, including the latest addition Fry's English Delight: Series 7, available in Original Staging format. Cruise over to our Stephen Fry audiobooks author page to start enjoying over 76 hours of audio at your finger-- er…ear?--tips!

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