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Audio Books > Science Fiction > Short Stories & Anthologies > James Patrick Kelly's StoryPod 3.0 (Unabridged)

James Patrick Kelly's StoryPod 3.0 Audiobook (Unabridged)

James Patrick Kellys StoryPod 3.0 (Unabridged)

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Author: James Patrick Kelly
Audio Length: 12 hours
Release Date: 1/24/2008
Narrator: James Patrick Kelly
Format: Unabridged

Audio Book Summary

13 classic science fiction stories from Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author James Patrick Kelly! Kelly not only narrates each story, he adds exclusive commentary that takes you inside his creative process.

Included are:

Proof of the Existence of God
A psychological study masquerades as an experiment in time travel.

A divorced woman's mysterious date seems a bit too good to be true.

Feel The Zaz
A damaged young woman impersonates the dead celebrities of the late 20th Century.

The Cruelest Month
A career woman wracked by guilt over the death of her young daughter finds toys scattered around her house.

The F&SF Diet
An overweight draftsman with a love for science fiction answers an ad promising a weight-loss miracle.

A romantic comedy about sales techniques, square-dancing, and hormones gone wild.

Mike has it all, but he's having a disturbing dream that haunts him night after night

A simple man trying to live a simple life has a monster inside of him.

Itsy Bitsy Spider
Jen tries to confront her estranged father, but she must get past the robot that cares for him.

Still Time
On the day a nuclear war is threatening to break out, a man's wife's car dies 20 miles away from the bunker he has so painstakingly prepared.

When the bombs fell, there were precious few survivors. Two children are forced to scavenge through the ruins of New England.

The Best Christmas Ever
The last man on Earth is depressed and the robots charged with his care plan Christmas in May.

10 to the 16th to 1
A boy stumbles upon an android from the future that has been sent back to 1962 to change history.

Find out more at www.jimkelly.net.

About the Author: James Patrick Kelly

Born on January 1, 1951 in Mineola, New York, , James Patrick Kelly has been inspiring readers on DigitalAudiobooks.co.uk since 2008, when his audiobook James Patrick Kelly's StoryPod 3.0 was first made available. Best known for his Science Fiction writing, but also popular in Science Fiction, James Patrick Kelly's most sought after titles on our site include James Patrick Kelly's StoryPod 1.0 -- with James Patrick Kelly's StoryPod 1.0 currently nestled at the top. His latest work, James Patrick Kelly's StoryPod 4.0 (Subscription), is available for download in Unabridged format. James Patrick Kelly's author page contains a collection of 6 audiobooks, narrated by the likes of James Patrick Kelly, Kevin T. Collins and Scott Aiello, and running a total of 77 hours. To view his entire catalogue or listen to samples, please visit our James Patrick Kelly audiobooks page.

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