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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much space do your audio books require? Audio books are conveniently available in 4 file sizes of varying audio quality to suit all types of devices. Here's an example - the unabridged audio book "The Lost Symbol" is 17 hours and 46 minutes long. The size of the file at the lowest quality setting is 256MB. At the highest quality setting, the audio book takes up 512 MB of storage space. For CD quality sound each hour of audio requires 28.8MB of space. For mp3 quality sound each hour of audio requires 14.4MB of space.
  • What devices can I use to listen to your audiobooks? These audiobooks are compatible with the vast majority of the most popular portable media devices and phones. This includes all Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc), all Android phones and tablets, the Amazon Kindle family, and all Windows phones running Windows 7.5 or Windows 8.
  • Am I required to own a portable media player in order to listen to these files? Not at all, an mp3 player is not required. You may download and listen to our audio books on your Windows PC (Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000) or Apple Mac (OS X 10.0 and above).
  • If I lose my audiobooks will I have to purchase them again? No, once you purchase an audiobook you own it forever and can redownload it as many times as necessary.
  • Can I listen to my audiobooks on multiple devices or am I limited to a single device? You can store and listen to your audiobooks on up to 6 total devices (3 portable media players/phones and 3 computers).
  • Is it possible to convert these files into an audio CD? Yes, the free audiobook management software you’ll download when you purchase your first title includes the capability to burn your audiobooks as standard audio CDs.
  • I prefer unabridged audiobooks, how can I tell if a title has been abridged or shortened? All unabridged audiobooks contain the word "Unabridged" after the title. If the word "Unabridged" does not appear after the title, it has been abridged.
  • When I click the button to purchase an audiobook all I see is a blank page. What happened? What you're likely encountering is a by-product of ad blocking software. This type of software, while helpful, can sometimes mistakenly interfere with the links to the audiobooks. Temporarily disable any software of this type and the problem should go away. (NOTE: When your download is complete be sure to reactivate any such software that you've temporarily deactivated.)

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